The following is our menu of specialty items and cakes available. Pre-ordering is recommended.

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Emporio Rulli-Larkspur will be open until 5:00 pm, on Thursday, December 24th,
We will be closed on Christmas Day at our Larkspur and Chestnut.locations

We will reopen Saturday, December 26th at 8:00 am

Larkspur pre-order pick-up schedule

Wednesday, Dec. 23rd starts @ 2pm

Wednesday & Thursday Dec. 23rd & 24th starts @ 3pm for St. Honoré cakes | 2pm ALL OTHER ITEMS


Emporio Rulli | 464 Magnolia Avenue | Larkspur, CA  94939 415-924-7478 / Fax 415-924-9019

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Brasiliana-A long-time Rulli classic Chocolate sponge cake brushed with espresso liqueur, filled with chantilly cream and covered with Belgian milk chocolate shavings

6-8 servings $35.00 | 10-12 servings$50.00 |12-14 servings $70.00



St. Honore`- All Butter puff pastry crust with Italian pastry cream filling; layered with sponge cake brushed with run’ decorated with whipped cream & chocolate mousse and custard filled caramelized cream puffs 

Pick up for St. Honore` Starts @ 3:00pm Wed & Thurs.  Dec. 23rd & 24th

6 servings $40.00 | 10-12 servings$56.95

Tirami su`-(pick me up) Decadent Venetian dessert made with lady fingers brushed with espresso liqueur, layered with mascarpone cream, zabaglione and mike chocolate bits, then dusted with cocoa powder

6-8 servings $40.00 | 10-12 servings $56.95

Primavera-A moist chewy pistachio, almond base, layered with pistachio mascarpone cream and topped with fresh raspberries

6-8 servings $40.00

Crostata Frutta Di Bosco (Mixed berry tart)-All butter short dough crust with a layer of vanilla sponge cake, rum infused mascarpone and mixed berry cremosa decorated with seasonal berries

6-8 servings $45.00  | 10-12 servings $68.00



 Milanese-Organic wheat flour, pure creamery butter, golden raisins and Italy’s Agrimontana candied fruit & orange peel, combined with 30-hour leavening process using a natural yeast starter from Italy

Small $28.00 |  Large $35.00

La Veneziana-available thru New Year’s day Venetian panettone studded with candied orange zest & topped with almond paste, course sugar $45.00

Pandoro- available December 15th thru New Year’s day Light butter brioche dough festive cake.  Serve with vanilla powdered sugar (provided)

Small 6-8 $33.00 | Large 10-12 $44.00


Torta della Nonna-(Grandmother’s Tart) All butter short dough, dome shaped torta filled with Italian pastry cream and a thin chocolate, and a thin layer of chocolate hazelnut cream and sponge cake, decorated with almonds

6-8 serving $29.75 Serves 6-8

Strudel di Silvano –(Apple Strudel) As featured in The New York Times, this northern Italian style strudel is packed with fresh baked apples, walnuts, almonds, cinnamon flavored with Marsala & wrapped in a crispy all-butter puff pastry. $30.25 Serves 6-8

Pecan Tart-All butter crust with pecan Almond Frangipane decorated with pecan halves $30.25 Serves 6-8

Pear Almond Torte- All butter dough crust filled with frangipane and pears

$30.25 Serves 6-8

Apple Tart-All butter dough crust filled with Italian pastry cream, slices apples , sprinkle with cinnamon and apricot glaze

$30.25 Serves 6-8

Torta Mirtilli Rossi (Cranberry Tart)-An all butter short dough crust with Italian pastry cream filling and topped with cranberries $30.25 Serves 6-8



 Amor Polenta-a polenta pound cake with a touch of maraschino Liqueur $10.50

Sbrisolona-an all butter almond crumble $14.25

Gianduia Sbrisolona-All butter hazelnut crumble with Gianduia Chocolate $15.25

Iris- A hazelnut polenta pound cake coated in a crunchy roasted hazelnut topping $16.75

Pan Forte- using the finest imported candied fruits from Italy, which are mixed with honey, toasted almonds, hazelnuts and seven spices

Small $32.00 | Large $45.00

Assorted Cookies- Authentic Northern Italian artisan bite-sized cookies

1 pound $30.00

Rulli Macarons-Hand crafted artisan Italian macarons assorted flavors 6 pc.


Genovese- Heavier dense panettone filled with pine nuts and lots of candied fruits & raisins.  The panettone from the Italian Riviera

Small $28.00 | Large $35.00

Paradiso-Available now thru December A unique twist to our Rulli classic Panettone Milanese filled with bits of Domori chocolate, walnuts, candied orange peel topped with almond paste and cocoa nibs.


Christmas Stollen-Naturally leavened brioche with almond paste, candied lemon peels, golden raisins, currents & vanilla sugar

Small $29.75 |  Large $39.50

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