Thanksgiving 2018

Thanksgiving 2018 | Holiday Menu

The following is our menu of specialty items and cakes available for Wednesday, November 21.

Pre-ordering is recommended.

Emporio Rulli in Downtown Larkspur will be
OPEN Wednesday November 21, until 5:00 pm   and   CLOSED on Thanksgiving Day 

 Larkspur pre-order pick-up starts at 12:00 noon


Something for the Host & Hostess

A sure way to be invited back next year… we offer a variety of delectable hand crafted artisan gourmet gifts to bring to his or her home on Thanksgiving such as…

Macaron gift assorted set of 6, Artisan Cookies trays & Chocolate boxes, Panettone, Panforte, Cialde, Classic Torte da forno–Iris, Pound cake & Sbrisolona paired with an Italian Wine


Rulli Thanksgiving Specialties – Now Available

  • Dolce Autunno | A new Rulli Classic…this moist chewy amaretto base is topped with a creamy pumpkin Bavarian cream filled with a creamy panna cotta interior with rum soaked raisins & toasted pinenuts & chocolate with autumn decor  [Srv 6-8...$40.75]
  • Torta Mirtilli Rossi (Cranberry Tart) | An all butter short dough crust with Italian pastry cream filling and topped with cranberries  [Srv 6-8...$27.50]
  • Torta di Noci | Wonderful autumn tart combines walnuts & hazelnuts with a hint of amaretto liqueur; baked in an all-butter short dough crust
    [Srv 6…$27.50, , Srv 10-12…$44]
  • Strudel di Silvano (Apple Strudel) | As featured in The New York Times, this northern Italian style strudel is packed with fresh baked apples, walnuts, almonds, cinnamon flavored with Marsala & wrapped in a crispy all-butter puff pastry.  *Best served warm with Rulli’s homemade Crema Gelato
    [Srv 8…$27.50]

Classic Seasonal Favorites

Torte da Forno, “oven cakes,”
can be enjoyed at breakfast or for afternoon teas

  • Pan dei Morti (All-Saints Day Bread) | This chewy rustic moist spicy bread made with raisins, almonds, orange peels & pine nuts is quickly becoming an Emporio Rulli favorite
    [Sm $3.50,  Lg $15.45]
  • Sbrisolona | crunchy all-butter tart made with hazelnuts and cornmeal. Great with coffee or sweet wine. [$12.95]
  • Torta della Nonna|A Tuscan specialty made ith creamy Italian custard, housemade “Nutella” (chocolate/hazelnut cream) encased in a short dough crust, then baked [Srv 6…$29.75]

Rulli Seasonal Panettone ~ Available Now

  • Panettone Paradiso | A unique twist added to our Rulli classic Panettone is filled with Domori chocolate, walnuts, golden raisins, candied orange peel & cocoa nibs

[900 grams…$40.00]


Rulli Holiday Favorites

  • | A mouth-watering, velvety dark Domori chocolate cremosa filled with fresh raspberries, raspberry cremosa and a thin layer of chocolate sponge cake soaked with raspberry kirsch liqueur and decorated with a dark chocolate glaze & raspberries
    [Srv 6-8...$40.75,  Srv 10-12…$52.25]
  • | Chocolate sponge cake brushed with espresso liqueur; filled with chantilly cream and sprinkled with chunks of milk chocolate; covered with Domori milk chocolate shavings
    [Srv 6-8…$32,  Srv 10-12…$45.50,  Srv 12-14…$63.75]
  • di Ringraziamento | Pumpkin, ricotta and mascarpone tart flavored with amaretto and spices in an all-butter shortdough crust
    [Srv 6-8…$22.95,   Srv 10…$33.95]
  • di Zucca | A one-of-a-kind Rulli Pumpkin Pie... smooth velvety Rulli pastry cream mixed with pumpkin featuring a hint of amaretto liqueur & spices in an all-butter short dough crust
    [Srv 6-8…$20.95,  Srv 10-12…$31.95]
     *Don’t forget the Crema Gelato!
  • St. Honore | All-butter puff pastry crust with Italian pastry cream filling; layered with sponge cake brushed with rum; decorated with chocolate and fresh whipped cream & pastry cream filled caramelized cream puffs
    [Srv 6-8…$36.50,   Srv 10.…$51.75,  Srv 12-14…$72.50]
  • Tartufo with Raspberries |Rulli’s classic three layers of moist dark chocolate cake with chocolate cream filling and fresh raspberries, decorated with chocolate ganache and dusted with cocoa powder
    [Srv 6-8…$36.50,  Srv 10-12…$51.75,  Srv 12-14…$72.50]
  • Tirami Su |Housemade ladyfingers brushed with rum and expresso liqueur, layered with zabaglione and coffee mascarpone cream; sprinkled with chunks of chocolate and tipped with chantilly cream and cocoa powder

[Srv 6-8… $36.50,  Srv 10-12…$51.75

  • Primavera| A moist chewy pistachio/almond base, layered with pistachio marscarpone  cream and topped ith fresh raspberries or strawberries[Srv 6-8…$36.50 ] 
  • Marroni |A moist chewy hazelnut/almond dacquoise base with chestnut marscapone cream and marron glace, carmelized hazelnuts and autumn chocolate décor [Srv 6-8…$36.50]

Assorted Savory Quiche Tortes

Savory and full of flavor, these Quiche make a tasty meal anytime of the day

  • Torta Verdura | A savory meatless egg, ricotta & spinach puree torta in a puff pastry crust [9 inch-$23.50]
  • Goat Cheese, Bell Pepper & Pepperoncini| With egg in a puff pastry crust [9 inch-$23.50]
  • Mushroom & Artichoke | With egg and cream in a puff pastry crust [9 inch-$23.50]
  • Onion & Gruyère | With egg and cream in a puff pastry crust [9 inch-$23.50]
  • Salmon & Dill |  With egg and cream in a puff pastry crust [9 inch-$23.50]


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