Christmas 2018

Happy Holidays from Emporio Rulli & Staff

Emporio Rulli-Larkspur will be open until 5:00 pm, on Monday, December 24th,

We will be closed on Christmas Day at our Larkspur & Union Square locations.

We will reopen Wednesday, December 26th at 8:00 am

Larkspur pre-order pick-up schedule

Sunday, Dec. 23rd starts @ 2pm

Monday, Dec. 24th starts @ 3pm for St. Honoré cakes | 2pm ALL OTHER ITEMS

Emporio Rulli 2018 Holiday Menu

The following is our menu of specialty items and cakes available. Pre-ordering is recommended.


Creamy Philadelphia Cheese with Bavarian cream, cheese cake filling, raspberry preserves and graham cracker crust, covered in a white chocolate glaze. Available after December 15th  6-8 $45.00 10-12 $69.00


Amore | A mouth-watering, velvety dark Domori chocolate cremosa filled with fresh raspberries, raspberry cremosa and a thin layer of chocolate sponge cake soaked with raspberry kirsch liqueur topped with holiday décor  x6-8=$40.75   x10-12=$52.25

Brasiliana | A long-time Rulli classic chocolate sponge cake brushed with espresso liqueur, filled with chantilly cream and covered with Belgian milk chocolate shavings
x6=$32        x10=$45.50        x12-14=$63.75

Cassatta Siciliana | Creamy ricotta mousse mixed with Imported Italian candied fruit, pistachios and pieces of bittersweet chocolate on vanilla and pistachio sponge ladyfingers soaked with rum  x6-8=$36.50     x10-12=$51.75

St. Honoré *NOTE* Pick-up Starts at 3:00pm on Sun, Dec 24
All-butter puff pastry crust with Italian pastry cream filling; layered with sponge cake brushed with rum; decorated with whipped cream  & chocolate mousse and custard filled caramelized cream puffs x6=$36.50   x10=$51.75    x12-14=$72.50

Charlotte | Mixed berry Bavarian cream between two layers of vanilla sponge cake brushed with raspberry & kirsch liqueurs and wrapped with lady fingers topped with fresh raspberries   x6=$36.50   x10-12=$51.75   

Tirami sù (“Pick-me-up”) | Decadent Venetian dessert made with lady fingers brushed with espresso liqueur, layered with mascarpone cream, zabaglione and milk chocolate bits, then dusted with cocoa powder      x6-8=$36.50       x10-12=$51.75



All of our classic year-round Torte da Forno, “oven cakes,” are available this holiday season and can be enjoyed at breakfast or for afternoon teas as well as after dinner desserts.  Some of the favorites are the Torta della Nonna [x6-8=$29.75 ], Amor Polenta-a corn-meal pound cake [$9.50].  Other classic favorites:  Sbrisolona-an all-butter almond crumble [$12.95], Iris-a hazelnut polenta pound cake [$15.50] & Pan dei Morte (All Saints Day Bread)-with ginger & spices [SM 3.50 LG $15.45] 


Milanese | Organic wheat flour, pure creamery butter, golden raisins and Italy’s Agrimontana candied fruit & orange peel, combined with 30-hour leavening process using a natural yeast starter from Italy   [750g(M)  $24.95 / 1000g(L) $32.00]

Genovese | Heavier dense panettone filled with pine nuts and lots of candied fruit & raisins. The panettone from the Italian Riviera. [750g(M) $24.95 / 1000g(L) $32.00]

La Veneziana | Available December 15 thru New Year’s Day Venetian panettone studded with candied orange zest & topped with almond paste, coarse sugar and toasted almonds…a New Year’s tradition best served with sparkling wine.[One Size-900g =  $37.00]

Pandoro | Available December 15 thru New Year’s Day Light butter brioche dough festive cake. Serve with vanilla powdered sugar (provided)  [750g(S)=$27.95 / 1k(L)=$35.95]

Paradiso | Available Now thru December A unique twist to our Rulli classic Panettone Milanese filled with bits of Domori chocolate, walnuts, candied orange peel topped with almond paste & cocoa nibs.  [One Size-900g =  $40.00]

Christmas Stollen ]SM $27.00 LG $36.00] Naturally leavened brioche with almond paste.  Candied lemon peels, golden raisins, currents & vanilla sugar 

Rulli’s House made ARTISAN GOODS ª Great for Corporate & Host, Hostess Gifts

Most found on; We ship nationwide.

Assorted Cookies | authentic Northern Italian artisan bite-size cookies.  Great for dessert or as a gift! ½ lb $15.00 | 1 lb $27.50

*NOTE*      PREORDER Pick-Ups

 for 3 or more cookie trays, Call our Larkspur Store by 2PM the day before

Rulli Artisan House made Chocolates

6pc $14.95; 12pc  $26.95;  24pc  $49.50

Rulli Macarons | these popular hand crafted artisan Italian macarons have become a Rulli favorite. 

Assorted flavors 6pc $12.95,

Gelatina di frutta |made from local farmed fruits-Assorted flavors

7pc stick $10.50

Panforte Rulli | This famous 15th Century confection from Siena made for long-traveling crusaders is prepared today in Rulli’s kitchen using imported candied fruits from Italy, mixed with honey, toasted almonds, hazelnuts & seven spices

SM 1 lb 2oz $27.50;  LG 1 lb 10oz $39.95

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