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Easter at Emporio Rulli

Spring is here and Emporio Rulli has the holiday treats you’ve waited all winter for ... Pre-Order Recommended!

Larkspur Store/Pick-up Hours

Easter at Emporio RulliSat, Easter Eve (March 31) | Store Hours: 7:30a-5:30p

  • Pre-Order Cakes, Tarts | after 12pm
  • Pre-Order Cookies, Panettone, Hot cross buns | after 11am

Easter Sunday (April 1) | Store Hours: 8a-3p

  • Pre-Order Cakes, Tarts | after 11am
  • Pre-Order Cookies, Panettone, Hot cross buns | after 11am

Passover Treats (Sundown, Friday, March 30)

La Morenita | Our flourless chocolate almond cake is covered with a creamy chocolate ganache decorated with fresh glazed strawberries. Perfect for Passover!  

Meringata | Flourless meringue cake filled with seasonal fresh fruit and whipped cream   

Assorted Cookies | We have a delicious variety of almond paste and meringue cookies.  Great for dessert or as a gift! ... Order Cookies for Pick Up or Order Cookies for Delivery

Emporio Rulli Easter La Pastiera NapoletanaLa Pastiera Napoletana (A Neapolitan Easter Tart)

This traditional Southern Italian torta is found from Rome to Naples during Easter.  Its creamy texture comes from a blend of custard, softened wheat kernels, and fresh ricotta from Sonoma’s own Bellwether Farms - a delicious combination you’ll want to try. ... Order La Pastiera Napoletana 

La Colomba Pasquale “The Easter Dove” Panettone

Originally made only in the Lombardy province of Northern Italy, this naturally leavened cake, similar to our famed panettone, is now made all over Italy.

Emporio Rulli Easter La Colomba PasqualeMade with organic butter, fresh egg yolks, sugar, and organic flour, the dough is mixed and left to rise overnight.  The next morning it is remixed with additional butter, flour, egg yolks, & sugar.  When the dough has fully developed, imported organic candied orange peels are added with pure, natural orange oil.  Next, the dough is formed into the dove shape, allowed to double in volume, egg-washed, coated with almond paste, and sprinkled with California mission almonds, sugar crystals, and vanilla powdered sugar.  After baking, the bread is allowed to cool fully before receiving its final gift-wrap.  Altogether, it is a 72 hour process – but well worth the wait!  Emporio Rulli has been baking La Colomba Pasquale in Larkspur for 24 years and it has become a tradition here as well. ... Order Small La Colomba Pasquale ... Order Large La Colomba Pasquale

Emporio Rulli Specialty Easter Cream Cakes The following cakes will be available for In-Store Pick-up:

Brasiliana | A long-time Rulli classic. Three layers of chocolate sponge cake brushed with espresso liqueur, filled with chantilly cream and covered with milk chocolate shavings ... Order Brasiliana

Cassata Siciliana | Creamy ricotta mousse mixed with Imported Italian candied fruits, Sicilian pistachios and pieces of bittersweet chocolate on vanilla sponge cake soaked with rum ... Order Cassata Siciliana

Crostata di Frutta | Concentric circles of seasonal fruit decorate an all-butter shortdough crust filled with pastry cream and a thin layer of vanilla sponge cake ... Order Crostata di Frutta

Primavera | A moist, chewy pistachio & almond sponge base filled with pistachio mascarpone cream and decorated with fresh raspberries ... Order Primavera

San Francesco | Meringue based cake with Italian pastry cream and 3 layers of vanilla sponge cake with raspberries inside shaped into dome style and covered with whipped cream and crushed meringues ... Order San Francesco

St. Honore | All-butter puff pastry crust with Italian pastry cream filling; layered with sponge cake brushed with rum; decorated with chocolate whipped cream & pastry cream filled caramelized cream puffs (Pre-Order Pick up After 1:00pm) ... Order St. Honore

Tartufo with Raspberries | Three layers of moist dark chocolate cake with chocolate cream filling and fresh raspberries, decorated with chocolate ganache and dusted with cocoa powder ... Order Tartufo with Raspberries

Fior D'arancio | Blood orange gelee, blood orange Bavarian Creme & flourless chocolate sponge cake in hazelnut almond crunch base ... Order Fior D'arancio

Amalfi | A pistachio base with limoncello cremosa and a lemon Bavarian cream with a thin layer of vanilla sponge cake soaked in limoncello liqueur ... Order Amalfi

Bronte | Sponge cake, pistachio bavarese and mandarin orange gelatin layers covered in pistachio ... Order Bronte

These cakes are available for pick-up at our Larkspur location.

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