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La Colomba Pasquale

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**Order's Placed after 3.25.24 are not guaranteed to arrive by Easter**

La Colomba Pasquale "The Easter Dove": Originally made only in the Lombardy province of Northern Italy, this naturally leavened cake, similar to our famed panettone, is now made all over Italy. Made with pure creamery butter, fresh egg yolks, sugar, and flour, the dough is mixed and left to rise overnight. The next morning it is remixed with additional butter, flour, egg yolks, & sugar. When the dough has fully developed, imported candied orange peels are added with pure, natural orange oil. Next, the dough is formed into the dove shape, allowed to double in volume, egg-washed, coated with almond paste, and sprinkled with blanched almonds, sugar crystals, and vanilla powdered sugar. After baking, the bread is allowed to cool fully before receiving its final gift-wrap. Altogether, it is a 72 hour process – but well worth the wait! Emporio Rulli has been baking La Colomba Pasquale in Larkspur for over 25 years and it has become a tradition here as well. (800g). All of our products are made without perservatives and should be consumed with two weeks of the ship date.

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