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Milk and Dark Chocolate Panettone

About This Milk and Dark Chocolate Panettone

Milk and Dark Chocolate Panettone with Almond Cocoa nib glaze

Panettone Milanese is a traditional Italian sweet bread originating in the 16th century from Milan.  The knowledge and technique used in making the panettone has been passed down from panettone maestri to their apprentices for centuries.  Chef Rulli carries on this time honored tradition and that's why here, at Emporio Rulli, we are so proud to produce the original artisan version.  We use only fine wheat flour, pure creamery butter, and egg yolks.  Quality ingredients and traditional baking methods ensure that our customers will enjoy this authentic festive Italian specialty. All of our products are made without perservatives and should be consumed with two weeks of the ship date.

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